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Droid responds:

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heyopc responds:

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honestly, the first 3/4 of this episode were pretty awkward and ubearable because psychogoldfish just spent most of the runtime talking about his own game and his own experience with coming back to flash. it was interesting at times, but what made it really annoying was when he would bring on a guest with barely any warning, expect them to just be comfortable while he talked over them a lot and mostly asked what felt like rhetorical questions. Not only that, but after he brought one guest on, he'd leave them there and just bring someone else in, this wasn't too bad since PG was still doing most of the talking...

then Xinxinix came on and did what xin does, he asked a bomb ass question that got the conversation GOING somewhere, somehow the atmosphere just changed and the devs that for most of this time seemed to be really introverted and unwilling to talk too much, started getting PASSIONATE. In the last 30 minutes of the interview, the podcast felt like how it should have the whole time. Though things did get a little hairy when the devs got so passionate and into the convo they started talking over each other.

Bottom line, this episode needed to be way better organized for how big it was and how many guests it had, not to mention how much there was to talk about. There was barely any mention of the winners and we didn't get to hear much from Tom. I love Josh, I love how much he knows about gamedev and newgrounds history and he's genuinely a really nice guy, but he's gotta step up his hosting skills. Ask better questions, and let the guests take the reigns if you have em.

Sidenote, the lack of good questions at the start is probably why Jeff left, he was just kinda being ignored the whole time.

PsychoGoldfish responds:

I wasn't going to respond to this initially because everything here is 100% fair and well said.

In fact, that's WHY I decided to respond, so you guys know that we hear you and appreciate the feedback, even when it's rough.

As you deduced, I'm not really comfortable being a solo host. I brought Tom and Jeff on to be my wingmen, and totally failed to really let them know they had free reign to guide the show with me, and expected them to just fill the role my usual cohost fill. That was pretty unfair, and it's obvious they are even less comfortable than I am in the role.

Xin is the man. Dude can talk all day, and is passionate about everything! But he (and everyone else who normally edits the show) are also really busy, so another thing that really hurt this episode was our decision to not do high quality editing.

All the awkward pauses where we stop talking and hope someone else will say something normally get cut out of each episode, so I tend to take advantage of that and leave long pauses so people know they can say something. We hadn't made the call to not cut those yet when we recorded this, so they are SUPER obvious.

On the plus side, I have ZERO desire to solo any more episodes, so you can all relax and enjoy me just being the guy in the back making sarcastic remarks and calling Xin an idiot, where I belong!

Xinxinix responds:

In response to Josh, I am a big dum dum :v


Hey, I love this track! Mind if I use it in a cartoon I'm doing for a Christmas collab this year?

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this is the fucking greatest thing I've heard in my life and I want to use it for everything

This is lovely

I make funni movies and draw goofy lil faces

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